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Natural Ingredients Can Do THAT?

Armed with an increased awareness to eat healthier, eat more whole grains and avoid fad diets, today's consumers are clamoring for "healthy" and "clean" labels on everything from potato chips to instant gravy. The result has been an explosion of new foods and beverages with "natural, "whole grain", "low fat" and other health claims on their labels. But formulating these products can be challenging, especially when replacing low-cost ingredients which have long been relied upon for functionality like high fructose corn syrup and caramel color, or trying to introduce whole grain and other healthy ingredients into finished foods using yesterday's limited whole grain ingredient mix of whole wheat flour and rolled oats.

That's where Briess can help.

At Briess, we naturally process grains and starches to develop healthy, all-natural ingredients with a wide range of unique flavors, colors, textures and functionality. Five distinctive product portfolios - Natural Sweeteners, Maltodextrins, Malt Ingredients, Insta Grains® Reduced Cook Time Ingredients, and Briess® Roasted Grain Ingredients - help solve a host of formulating challenges. Here's a glimpse of what Briess ingredients can do for you:

  • Develop savory flavor and thicken roux with roasted whole grain flours
  • Naturally color gravy with pure black malted barley extract
  • Brown gluten-free corn flakes using BriesSweet White Sorghum Syrup in place of malt extract
  • Naturally sweeten foods and beverages by replacing HFCS 1:1 with BriesSweet; Tapioca Syrup
  • Lower costs with Organic Briess® Black Cocoa Extender
  • Develop your own multi-grain bread blend with Insta Grains® Reduced Cook Time Ingredients
  • Add unique flavor to specialty teas with Roasted Barley
  • Improve the processing and flavor of pizza crust and bread with CBW® Sparkling Amber malt extract
  • Add grill lines to cooked chicken breasts with all natural Black Malted Barley Flour or Extract
  • Make dry soup mixes healthier with Insta Grains® Pearled Barley
  • Use natural malted barley flours or organic tapioca maltodextrins as a seasoning blend carrier
  • Source multiple ingredients from one manufacturer.

Our website will introduce you to the unique ingredients we make and the benefits they deliver to foods and beverages. For information on Briess ingredients, contact us. Our Technical Team will work with you to determine the right solution for you, including custom ingredient development and processing.

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