Gordon Lane to retire as Briess President/COO; Ryan O'Toole Named as Successor

[07.08.2016] Company officials at Briess Malt & Ingredients Co. today announced that Gordon Lane, President and Chief Operations Officer, will retire effective July 29, 2016. Lane will continue handling special projects before joining the company’s Board of Directors.  Ryan O’Toole, currently Vice President of Operations, will assume the role of Chief Operations Officer.

Lane joined the family-owned business in 2002. “Under Gordon’s direction, we have streamlined operations, gained efficiencies and grown in size. In 2010 we received a Wisconsin Manufacturer of the Year Award. That’s no small achievement,” said CEO Monica Briess. “In the past four years we’ve grown from a malting company into a vertically integrated grain processing company and almost tripled the number of people in the Briess family. And he’s done that without sacrificing who we are.”

Board of Director and fifth generation Craig Briess added, “I want to thank Gordon on behalf of the entire Briess family. With integrity, commitment, conviction and faith by your side, you’ve led Briess to where it is today.”

O’Toole, who is a graduate of the University of North Florida with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology, has a broad range of experience in the food and ingredients industries that spans more than 19 years.

“We welcome Ryan to the position of COO,” Mr. Briess continued. “Ryan shares our culture and values , and I’m excited about the future of Briess with Ryan at the helm.”

Briess is a recognized, leading supplier of specialty grain- and starch-based ingredients to the U.S. Craft Beer, Craft Distilling, Food, Beverage and Pet Food Industries. It employs more than 225 and distributes products throughout the United States and more than 20 foreign countries. Family owned since 1876, the company is celebrating 140 years of continuous family ownership this year.

Briess ingredients reduce 'added sugars' and achieve clean labels

[06.23.2016] Manufacturers looking for new solutions to their clean label formulating challenges are invited to visit Briess Booth #2160 at the IFT Food Expo in Chicago. There, Briess staff will be introducing InnoSweet™ Sprouted Whole Wheat Powder, a first-of-its-kind whole grain nutritive sweetener that reduces the amount of “added sugars” on the label. Granola, breakfast biscuits and extruded cereals with “added sugar” reductions of 25-100% will be sampled.

InnoSweet™ Sprouted Whole Wheat Powder is a 100% pure whole grain ingredient. Used as a sugar replacement, it contributes zero “added sugars” and delivers nutrition plus sweetness while simultaneously reducing the amount of “added sugars” on the nutritional panel. It offers a new, innovative formulating option for bakerys and other food manufacturers to address forthcoming  labeling requirements.

InnoSweet™ is the newest addition to the Briess portfolio of value-added, grain- and starch-based ingredients. Briess ingredients deliver natural functionality while helping achieve clean label claims like natural, non-GMO, gluten free, whole grain, gluten free, Kosher certified and made in the U.S.A. Bring your formulating challenges to Briess Booth #2160, where Briess technical staff will discuss options available to you from the extensive portfolio of Briess product lines:

  • InnoSweet™ whole grain nutritive sweetener for reducing “added sugars”
  • Maltoferm® and CBW® pure malt extracts for flavor, color, sweetness and function
  • BriesSweet™ gluten free syrups for sweetness and function
  • BriesSweet™ gluten free tapioca maltodextrin for function and low sweetness
  • Insta Grains® conventional and gluten free pregelatinized whole grain flours and particles
  • Briess® roasted grain flours and particles
  • Specialty whole grain malt flours and particles

Visit Briess IFT Food Expo Booth #2160 or contact us to learn how Briess ingredients can help solve your formulating and label challenges.

2016 IFT Media Kit

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