Briess offers a tasty tribute to malt at 2016 Expo West

[02.26.2016] Briess Malt & Ingredients Co. is taking the opportunity at Expo West Booth #4383 to celebrate 140 years of malting tradition. In a nod to the timeless appeal of malt, Briess staff will be offering booth visitors a tasty tribute to malt — a Swirl Cookie made with Briess natural Caramel Malt 40L, demonstrating to food and beverage manufacturers that they don’t need to sacrifice flavor for a clean, simple label.

Briess Caramel 40L Malt Flour is a multifunctional natural ingredient. Milled from 100% pure malted barley which has been drum roasted to develop sweet caramel flavor and rich color, Caramel 40L Malt Flour is a non-GMO, whole grain ingredient. In baked goods it improves machinability, contributes sweet caramel flavor and warm color, extends shelf life and adds only “malt” to the label. Caramel 40L Malt Flour is one of 60+ malt ingredients produced by Briess, North America's leading producer of specialty malts.

Briess is also sampling a natural, gluten free sweetener in a Gluten Free Bar and Whole Wheat Bread. BriesSweet™ White Sorghum Extract functions as an alternate to honey, corn syrup, sugar, brown rice syrup, malt extract and other sweeteners. It is produced from the grain of white sorghum syrup and has clean flavor and light color. That sets it apart from traditional sorghum syrups, which are typically produced from the cane of the red sorghum plant and has characteristic tannin flavors and bitterness. BriesSweet™ White Grain Sorghum Extract has a wildflower honey-like flavor with no tannin or harsh flavors, and functions as a 1:1 honey replacement especially in whole wheat baked goods.  

Briess produces five lines of natural ingredients that deliver flavor, color, texture and function to foods and beverages while helping achieve label claims like natural, healthy, whole grain, organic, kosher, non-GMO, gluten free and trans fat free:

  • Gluten free sweeteners
  • Malt extract natural sweeteners
  • Malt flour and particle ingredients
  • Pregelatinized grain ingredients
  • Roasted grain ingredients

Visit Briess Booth #4383 at Expo West or email to learn how Briess ingredients can help solve your formulating and label challenges.

2016 Media Kit

  • Press Release — Briess offers a tasty tribute to malt at 2016 Expo West (pdf)
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  • Press Release — Malt: Nature's timeless overachiever (pdf)
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  • Sell Sheet — BriesSweet™ White Grain Sorghum Extract (pdf)
  • Sell Sheet — Grain vs Cane: A tale of two sorghum sweeteners (pdf)
  • Company Fact Sheet (pdf)
  • 4C Flyer - Ingredients for Natural Functionality (a peek at our product lines) (pdf)