Dry Blending

Dry Blending

With more than 15 years of dry blending experience, Briess Malt & Ingredients Co. is uniquely qualified to blend a wide variety of mixes to fit your processing needs. Centrally located in America's Heartland, our dry blending operation is characterized by flexibility and the ability to handle contracts ranging from millions to just a few thousand pounds. Examples of dry blends from Briess include:

  • Maltorose Dough Improver
  • BriessBlend Multigrain Blends
  • Custom Blending

A combination of large and small bins, a tote dump and a bag dump means each blend can be made from an almost unlimited number of ingredients that come to our facility in bag, tote or bulk form. Because of the streamlined flow of ingredients through our system, only minor ingredient loss is experienced from the beginning to the end. The Briess dry blending operation offers:

  • Dry-With Dry or Dry-With-Wet
  • Flexibility to handle small to large contracts
  • Blend several or many ingredients
  • Supply your own or blend with Briess ingredients
  • Very minor ingredient loss
  • Automated system for consistent blends
  • Computerized bagging for on-target weights
  • Closed blending system
  • Audited food-grade plant
  • Certified Organic Since 1990

Dry ingredients can be in a variety of forms such as flour, grits or cracked. Supply your own ingredients or simplify the process by formulating with value-added ingredients processed by Briess. Insta Grains® Reduced Cook Time Ingredients are processed in the same facility which houses the blending operation. The facility has successfully completed the Food Processors Association SAFE Audit. In addition, our custom blending facility is a closed system and is inspected to meet food grade standards by the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, and the United States Food and Drug Administration. We also contract with an independent food safety consulting and inspection service.

Computer controls monitor the blending process to assure consistency throughout the entire blend. Our system assures accurate metering of all ingredients, and is designed to avoid cross-contamination. All product passes through metal detectors prior to packaging. After blending, samples are tested from each pallet of finished product to assure each run meets customer specification prior to shipment. Finished product is packaged in a semi-automated bagging system in weights from 25-50 pounds. The computerized bagging system monitors weight so that each bag is filled to within an ounce of its target weight. The multi-wall paper bags are heat sealed to keep product fresh and clean.

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