Drying Operation

Drying Operation

Located in Irish Road Extract Plant is the Briess drying operation. This is where Maltoferm® Malt Extracts, CBW® Malt Extracts, BriesSweet Syrups, BriesSweet Maltodextrins and other products from the Briess extracction process are dried into free-flowing powders. Briess extraction, drying and packaging operations are all located in Irish Road Extract Plant in Chiton, Wisconsin, for complete quality control from beginning to the end of the process. The Irish Road Extract Plant is Kosher certified, audited and certified to produce organic ingredients.

At the heart of the Briess Drying Operation is a Filtermat® dryer which turns sticky, hygroscopic, thermoplastic and slowly crystallizing products into free-flowing agglomerated powders. Agglomeration is the process of taking smaller particles and processing them so that they form larger particles. Agglomerated ingredients exhibit better flowability and reduced dusting for ease of handling in the plant, as well as improved dispersion into solution for the processor or consumer.

How the Filtermat® Dryer Works

Liquid is pumped to a high pressure nozzle assembly and sprayed downward into the heated drying chamber. An airflow pattern directs the particles downward onto the moving belt, completing the first drying stage. Semi-dried particles accumulate on the belt forming an agglomerated, porous powder layer. The drying air is circulated through the powder layer and the belt as drying continues. Drying is completed while the powder is being conveyed to a cooling chamber. After cooling, the powder falls off the belt and can be milled and sieved to meet specification, then bagged-off or conveyed into storage. This style of drying is economical and, because final particle structure can be controlled, it produces powders with an exceptionaly wide range of product applications.

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