Heat Processing

Heating Processing

At the heart of the Insta Grains® Plant is a proprietary heat processing system that partially precooks raw grains, producing a variety of reduced cook time grains. With an average cook time of about 10 minutes, Insta Grains® Ingredients offer an easy way for manufacturers to enhance the nutrition and multigrain appeal of baked goods, cereals, bars and more. That's because Insta Grains® Ingredients can be incorporated directly into the dough, saving manufacturers the time and equipment needed to soak or precook raw grains. The audited food-grade Insta Grains® Plant is also certified to produce organic ingredients.

Only raw grain, heat and water are used in the proprietary heat processing system. This minimal processing maintains the healthy, whole grain integrity of the finished ingredients, and results in natural ingredients for a clean and natural label. Raw grains enter the facility after being tested to meet specifications, and are stored in designated bins until processing. Insta Grains® Ingredients are processsed into flour, flakes or particles, then packaged into 50-pound bags, totes or shipped bulk.

For information on Briess ingredients, contact us. Our Technical Team will work with you to determine the right solution for you, including custom ingredient development and processing.

The outside of the Insta Grains Plant