Briess operates the most unique and specialized malting facilities in North America. Customized drying and computerized testing equipment combine with traditional sensory techniques to produce more types of specialty malts than any malting company in the world. Briess standard and specialty malts are used in the production of beer throughout the United States and more than a dozen foreign countries, and is milled into particles and flours for the production of baked goods, bars, cereal, granola, prepared foods, and other finished foods. We also supply our own Extraction Plant with malt for the production of Malt Extract, making Briess the only vertically integrated malting company in North America. Use the navigation on the left to learn more about malt:

  • What is Malt?
  • Classes of Malt Ingredients
  • History of Malting
  • The Malting Process
  • Handcrafting Specialty Malts

For information on Briess ingredients, contact us. Our Technical Team will work with you to determine the right solution for you, including custom ingredient development and processing.

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Germination compartment in Briess malthouse