Briess Products

Specialty Sprouted + Natural Ingredients for Unlimited Formulating

Briess has been sprouting and minimally processing raw grains into naturally functional ingredients since 1876. Today, our extensive portfolio of specialty ingredients offers food and beverage manufacturers an array of flavor, color, function and healthy solutions to some of your most difficult formulating challenges.

Briess specialty malt, pregelatinized grain, roasted grain and natural sweetener ingredients are developed through sprouting, heating and other minimal processing. This retains the natural integrity of the whole grain or starch for clean, simple labels and ingredient declarations. Contact us with your formulating challenge, and to discuss how Briess specialty sprouts and natural ingredients offer almost unlimited formulating options for natural solutions.

Specialty Sprouted Ingredients—Developed from 140 years of sprouting expertise

In response to growing consumer demand for foods with sprouted ingredients, Briess is drawing on 140 years of sprouting expertise to expand our Specialty Sprouted Ingredients portfolio. In order to produce sprouted ingredients that deliver the consistent, wholesome benefits consumers expect of sprouted grains, we define and produce true "sprouted" grains as grains that have been fully soaked in water to initiate sprouting, then heat treated at the optimum time to preserve the sprout and healthy, wholesome character of the modified grain. Briess sprouted grains then receive further, minimal processing to develop flavor, color, texture and function not otherwise available in sprouted grains. Our expanding lines of Specialty Sprouted Ingredients include:

  • Insta Grains® Sprouted Ingredients — heat processed for improved quality and safety. Available in gluten-free naked oats, gluten-free ivory quinoa and wheat, they require no soak or precook. Incorporate directly into the dough. Offered as whole kernel, flakes and flours, they add healthy, wholesome flavor and eye appeal while saving you time and other input costs.
  • InnoSweet™ Sprouted Whole Wheat Powder — a first-of-a-kind whole grain natural sweetener that reduces ‘added sugars’ while adding ‘whole grain’ to labels.  This 100% pure sprouted whole wheat ingredient is ready-to-eat, safe and will help you achieve clean labels while lessening the impact of forthcoming ‘added sugar’ labeling changes.

  • Briess Specialty Malt Ingredients — a wide range of light- to dark-flavored, pure specialty malts flours and particles. Malt, the original sprouted ingredient, will enhance flavor and color and improve processing in yeast-raised doughs and other baked goods.

Natural Ingredients—Proven solutions for clean, simple labels

For decades manufacturers have been successfully solving flavor, color, function and label formulating challenges with Briess ingredients. Our lines of specialty ingredients are superior quality, natural and deliver a range of label-friendly claims to help you "Put a better label on the table" like non-GMO, Kosher, gluten free, reduced "added sugars", whole grain, high fiber, low fat and made in the USA:

  • Natural Sweeteners
  • Tapioca Maltodextrins
  • Malt Ingredients
  • Insta Grains® Reduced Cook Time Ingredients
  • Briess® Roasted Grain Ingredientss