Briess Products - BriesSpecialty™ Malt Flour—Diastatic

BriesSpecialty™ Malt Flour—Diastatic

Naturally adjust flavor and color with BriesSpecialty™ Malt Flour—100% pure malted grain flour that receives specialized drying to develop flavor and color. Diastatic Malt Flour is enzyme active and functions well as a natural dough conditioner in yeast-fermented dough systems. Malt is a natural humectant that extends shelf life and retains freshness. Malt—the original sprouted grain.

Diastatic Light Malt Flour
Item #

BriesSpecialty™ MBF L160


Subtle malty flavor
160º Lintner

BriesSpecialty™ MBF L160PF 7436 Subtle malty flavor
160º Lintner
Natural petfood ingredient
BriesSpecialty™ MWF L170 7437 Sweet malted wheat flavor
170º Lintner
BriesSpecialty™ MRF L100 7438 Sweet malted rye flavor
100º Lintner
BriesSpecialty™ MBF L030 7439

Robust malty flavor
30º Lintner

Maltorose™ Dough Conditioner 5177 Blend of specialty malt flours and dextrose
Standardized to 20º Lintner
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Item number is for 50lb poly-lined bags