Briess Products - BriesSpecialty™ Malt Flour—Nondiastatic

BriesSpecialty™ Malt Flour—Nondiastatic

Nondiastatic malt has no enzyme activity and delivers flavor and color without breaking down dough systems. Malt is a natural humectant that extends shelf life and retains freshness. Use one or a blend as cocoa powder extenders. BriesSpecialty™ Malt Flour function swell as a natural caramel color replacer. Malt—the original sprouted grain.

BriesSpecialty Malt Flour—Nondiastatic Sweet
Item # Characteristics
BriesSpecialty™ MBF S010 7440 Subtle sweet caramel flavor
Light tan color
BriesSpecialty™ MBF S020 7441 Subtle sweet caramel flavor
Tan color
BriesSpecialty™ MBF S040 7442 Sweet caramel flavor
Light to medium brown color
BriesSpecialty™ MBF S060 7443 Sweet intense caramel flavor
Medium brown color
BriesSpecialty™ MBF S080 7444 Sweet intense caramel flavor
Medium brown color
BriesSpecialty™ MBF S120 7445 Pronounced caramel flavor
Deep amber color
BriesSpecialty Malt Flour—Nondiastatic Dark
Item # Characteristics
BriesSpecialty™ MBF Victory 7446 Toasty, biscuit, baking bread, nutty, clean flavor
Golden tan color
BriesSpecialty™ MBF D350 7447 Intense cocoa flavor
Dark, rich brown color with red hues
BriesSpecialty™ MBF D500 7448 Neutral to dark semi-sweet chocolate flavor
Very dark brown to black color
BriesSpecialty™ MBF D500 PF 7449 Neutral to dark roasted flavor
Very dark brown to black color
Natural petfood ingredients
BriesSpecialty™ MBF D550 7450 Neutral to intense cocoa flavor
Black to charcoal color
BriesSpecialty™ MBF D420 7451 Neuetral to intense cocoa flavor
Very dark, rich brown color with deep amber hues
BriesSpecialty™ MWF D500 7452 Neutral to bittersweet
Very dark brown to black color
Features & Benefits
Item numbers are for 50lb poly-lined bags