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Insta Grains® Flour

Save input costs naturally with Insta Grains® reduced cook time ingredients. Insta Grains® ingredients let you skip soaking and precooking and incorporate these healthy, natural grains directly into your dough or dry mix. Or sprinkle on rolls, loaves and crackers for improved eye appeal. Minimal processing with only heat and moisture maintains the whole grain goodness of the raw grain.

Insta Grains® Flours
  Item # Characteristics
Insta Grains® Malted Wheat Flour 5029* Whole grain
Insta Grains® Red Wheat Flour 5019* Whole grain
Insta Grains® White Wheat Flour Toasted 5026*

Whole grain

Insta Grains® Rye Flour 5050 Whole grain
Instas Grains® White Sorghum Flour 7409 Whole grain
Gluten free
Features & Benefits
* 4000lb minimum order; lead time required
Item numbers are for 50lb poly-lined bags