Briess Products - Roasted Barley Grits

Roasted Ingredients

Intensely roasting grains and other starches at high temperatures naturally develop rich savory, robust flavors, colors and aromas. Use Briess Roasted Ingredients to naturally thicken gravies, add flavor to corn snacks and tortillas, and develop that warm "Thanksgiving dinner" aroma in potato and gravy dishes.

Roasted Barley Grits
Item #
Dark Roasted Barley Grits 5721* Intense roasted flavor
Roasted Barley Preground 7058 Intense roasted flavor
Briess® Special Roast Barley Cracked 5230* Robust roasted flavor
Whole grain ingredient
Features & Benefits
* 4000lb minimum order; lead time required
Item numbers are for 50lb poly-lined bags