Gluten Free Solutions

Gluten Free Solutions

Briess produces a variety of value-added, gluten free ingredients including natural sweeteners, maltodextrins and reduced cook time grains. Dedicated milling and handling equipment assures that Briess gluten free natural sweeteners fall below the FDA proposed definition of 20 parts per million. Scroll down for the Briess portfolio of ingredients for gluten free formulating.

Organic BriesSweet Tapioca Maltodextrins:
  • Agglomerated powders with neutral flavor
  • Available in two Dextrose Equivalents: 3DE and 10DE
  • Binding, bulking agent, carrier, coating, fat replacer, filler, gelling properties, & more

BriesSweet Tapioca Syrups and Solids:
  • Available as Conventional and USDA Certified Organic
  • Produced in several Dextrose Equivalents with varying applications and functionality
  • Natural sweetener, bodying agent, binding, improve viscosity, produce sheen, & more

BriesSweet White Sorghum Syrups
  • Produced from the starchy heads, not cane, of grain sorghum
  • Functional substitute for sucrose and malt extract (sweetness and browning)
  • Use to brown corn- and rice-base cereals, crackers and other baked goods
  • Available in two Dextrose Equivalents: 45DE High Maltose and 60DE

Insta Grains® Reduced Cook Time Ingredients
  • Insta Grains® Brown Rice Flour
  • Insta Grains® Brown Rice, Thick Flakes
  • Insta Grains® Brown Rice, Light Crunch
  • Insta Grains® Brown Rice, Crumb
  • Insta Grains® Brown Rice, Flakes
  • Eliminates the need for a soak or pre-cook
  • Incorporate directly into the dough
  • Low micros
  • Natural, whole grain ingredients
  • Maintain particle identity for multigrain eye appeal

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